TikTok Pledges €12B European Investment Over 10 Years

TikTok Pledges €12B European Investment Over 10 Years – TikTok plans to invest €12 billion in its effort to build a positive relationship with European regulators, initiating the construction of its previously disclosed data center in Norway. Over the past few years, the short-form social video company has been striving to dispel the notion of dependence on its Chinese parent company, ByteDance

However, last year’s revelations that China-based employees could access data for users in Europe and the U.S. complicated these efforts. Nevertheless, TikTok has undertaken a series of commitments aimed at addressing worries about its data practices in the context of Europe’s Digital Services Act (DSA). These pledges are consolidated within an initiative named Project Clover.

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Encompassing the establishment of local data centers in Europe and the implementation of enhanced data access and control procedures. Over the next decade, the company’s committed €12 billion investment extends beyond three data centers to encompass continuous collaboration with the third-party security firm, NCC Group. 

As previously disclosed, NCC Group will conduct audits on TikTok’s data controls and practices. Despite numerous delays, TikTok initiated the transfer of European user data to its inaugural data center in Ireland in September. The company anticipates completing this process by the end of 2024. Additionally, TikTok disclosed intentions for a second data center in Ireland.

As well as a third in the Hamar region of Norway, with the latter purportedly operating entirely on renewable energy. TikTok has announced the acquisition of the initial building at the site, and it will commence server installations with the aim of migrating European users’ data starting next summer. The remaining two buildings are expected to follow shortly thereafter.


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