Trump Jr Set to Return to Witness Stand as Defense Makes Case in Fraud Trial

Trump Jr Set to Return to Witness Stand as Defense Makes Case in Fraud Trial – Donald Trump Jr is anticipated to testify once again in New York as part of the family firm’s $250 million fraud trial. He is the initial witness from the defense’s list, which also features Donald Trump and Eric Trump, though it remains uncertain if they will be summoned. The New York attorney general’s office has filed a lawsuit against Trump, his adult sons, and other Trump Organization executives, accusing them of exaggerating asset values on financial statements. 

The prosecution concluded its case following Ivanka Trump’s testimony last Wednesday. If found guilty, Trump could face a minimum fine of $250 million. Despite Judge Arthur Engoron’s ruling to revoke Trump’s business licenses for fraud, the decision is currently under review in an appellate court. On November 1, Trump’s eldest son testified, stating that he did not directly contribute to the financial statements in question. 

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However, he acknowledged signing numerous documents vouching for their fairness and accuracy. He expressed the expectation that banks should conduct their own “due diligence” rather than solely relying on the provided financial statements. “I know a lot of bankers that do their own due diligence,” Trump Jr said on the stand. During his initial appearance, Trump’s team refrained from questioning him. 

His lawyers will aim to argue that lenders were not adversely affected and actively pursued connections with the Trump family. Throughout the testimony, the Trumps have minimized the significance of the financial statements, attributing their management solely to the organization’s accountants and legal departments. They asserted that the family usually possessed sufficient cash for deal transactions. 

Despite being provided with several documents indicating their involvement in reviewing financial statements and approving deals that relied on those statements to validate the family’s net worth, the Trumps claimed no recollection of working on or utilizing the statements. During his testimony, Trump vehemently criticized the judge and referred to New York Attorney General Letitia James as a “political hack.” 

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His children, particularly Ivanka Trump, maintained a more composed demeanor on the stand but similarly sought to downplay the significance of the financial statements. The defense team for Trump stated their intention to conclude witness testimonies by December 15. Although the trial is scheduled until December 22, there is a possibility it may conclude earlier.

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