Twitter Head of Trust and Safety Says she has Resigned

Twitter Head of Trust and Safety Says she has Resigned – Ella Irwin, the individual responsible for trust and safety at Twitter, informed Reuters on Thursday that she has chosen to step down from her position at the social media platform. Twitter has been subjected to scrutiny due to its inadequate measures in safeguarding against harmful content, particularly following its acquisition by billionaire Elon Musk in October.

After joining Twitter in June 2022, Irwin assumed the role of head of the trust and safety team in November, following the resignation of Yoel Roth. She was responsible for overseeing content moderation. When an email was sent to Twitter, it received an automated response featuring a poop emoji.

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Irwin chose not to provide any additional comments regarding her resignation, and there was no immediate response from Elon Musk when asked for his input. Irwin’s departure coincides with the platform’s challenges in retaining advertisers, as brands are cautious about being associated with inappropriate content.

Earlier this month, Elon Musk made an announcement regarding his appointment of Linda Yaccarino, the former advertising chief of NBCUniversal, as the new CEO of Twitter. A report from Fortune stated that Irwin’s internal Slack account seemed to have been deactivated.

Following Musk’s acquisition, Twitter has significantly reduced costs and implemented large-scale layoffs, affecting numerous employees who were involved in initiatives aimed at preventing harmful and illegal content, preserving election integrity, and promoting accurate information on the platform.

As a means to tackle misleading information on Twitter, Musk has introduced a feature called Community Notes, allowing users to provide additional context to tweets. However, the company is currently under growing scrutiny from regulators regarding its moderation endeavors.

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Twitter has decided to retract its participation in a voluntary agreement with the European Union aimed at addressing disinformation. However, the company expressed its commitment to adhering to forthcoming internet regulations within the EU. Thierry Breton, the EU industry chief, cautioned Twitter last week that, despite withdrawing from the voluntary agreement, it would still be obligated to fulfill its legal responsibilities in the European Union.

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