US House Close to Vote on Biden Impeachment Inquiry

US House Close to Vote on Biden Impeachment Inquiry – On Saturday, US House Speaker Mike Johnson indicated that Republicans are close to conducting a formal vote to initiate an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden. “I think it’s something we have to do at this juncture,” Johnson said during a Saturday appearance on Fox and Friends Weekend.

For months, Republicans have probed into the business dealings of Biden and his son Hunter, seeking potential improprieties to serve as grounds for impeachment. The complete House has not voted to officially approve an impeachment inquiry, with some Republicans publicly voicing skepticism about the sufficiency of evidence for such a move.

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The White House has rejected Republican attempts to compel information, citing a 2020 opinion from the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. The opinion emphasizes the requirement for a full House vote before a House committee can mandate the release of documents or conduct interviews. “We conclude that the House must expressly authorize a committee to conduct an impeachment investigation.”

“And to use compulsory process in that investigation before the committee may compel the production of documents or testimony in support of the House’s ‘sole Power of Impeachment’,” the memo says.

 Johnson, who appeared with the GOP conference chair, Elise Stefanik, expressed confidence that there were enough votes to authorize an inquiry and said it was a “necessary step” to obtain information from the White House.

“Elise and I both served on the impeachment defense team of Donald Trump twice when the Democrats used it for brazen, partisan political purposes. We decried that use of it. This is very different. Remember, we are the rule-of-law team. We have to do it very methodically,” he said. The ongoing Republican investigation has yielded numerous misleading claims but lacks substantial findings.


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