US Presidential Candidate RFK Jr. Says Bitcoin Provides An ‘Escape Route’ From Financial Turmoil

US Presidential Candidate RFK Jr. Says Bitcoin Provides An ‘Escape Route’ From Financial Turmoil – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discussed the Fednow service on Monday, after the U.S. Federal Reserve issued an advisory stating that the service was not a digital currency, a CBDC, or a cash substitute.

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Kennedy stated that the claim would be more credible if the public was unaware of “the Biden administration’s steady barrage of hostile broadsides against cryptocurrencies.” The presidential hopeful also shared information about a Pirate Wires post published by Nic Carter, which discusses “Operation Chokepoint.”

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“The recent crackdown on crypto blocks exit ramps, removes alternative rails, and strengthens government control over both the financial and political systems,” explained Kennedy. In addition, he discussed the enormous economic expansion that occurred in the United States for well over a decade.

“Between 2008-2022, the Fed partnered with a handful of big banks to print $10 trillion — ten centuries of wealth in 15 years — a bonanza for the banksters,” he wrote. Kennedy also claimed that Bitcoin, the peer-to-peer electronic cash system, provides individuals with the means to defend themselves from the impending financial turmoil that will lead to a crash.

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“Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin give the public an escape route from the splatter zone when this bubble invariably bursts,” Kennedy emphasized. “So, the White House is colluding with the banksters to keep us all trapped in the bubble of profiteering and control,” he added.

Kennedy filed for candidacy on April 5, 2023, becoming the fourth member of his family to run for president of the United States. He is the nephew of assassinated Democratic president John F. Kennedy (JFK) and the son of Robert F. Kennedy (RFK). Kennedy is anticipated to declare his candidacy at a Boston event on April 19, 2023. 

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On Twitter, Kennedy said that the populace “should be wary” of CBDCs and opined that they are “the ultimate mechanisms for social surveillance and control.” Balaji Srinivasan, a venture capitalist and angel investor who recently discussed the distinction between the Fednow initiative and a CBDC, was also cited by the Democratic candidate.

Kennedy wrote that Balaji compared the Fednow service to “a virus that has evolved to evade recognition by changing its sequence without really changing its function.” U.S. president Joe Biden will likely run in 2024, but a recent CNN poll suggests that many American Democrats would like to see a new candidate. “A majority in his party say they would like to see someone else as the Democratic nominee for president next year,” CNN reported.

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