Walmart Dives Deeper into Generative AI to Enhance Customer Experience

Walmart Dives Deeper into Generative AI to Enhance Customer Experience – Walmart, a prominent American retail powerhouse, is making a substantial stride in improving the shopping journey for its customers by incorporating cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. 

On Wednesday, the company unveiled its plans to integrate novel AI functionalities aimed at aiding customers in effortlessly exploring the diverse shopping categories within its stores. This retail titan is broadening its utilization of generative AI technology to elevate the shopping experience for its cherished customers. 

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This includes the introduction of three new AI-driven features: a shopping assistant, a generative AI-powered search, and an interior design tool. The objective is to enhance the shopping experience for customers as they navigate through the extensive array of shopping categories offered by the company.

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In the upcoming weeks, the American-based retail giant will introduce a shopping assistant designed to make the shopping journey more immersive and interactive for customers. The company has stated that this AI-powered assistant is capable of addressing specific inquiries, providing personalized product recommendations, and delivering in-depth information about various products.

For instance, if a customer is in search of Halloween costume ideas for a horror-themed party or needs guidance on selecting a cell phone suitable for a child, the shopping assistant can promptly offer tailored suggestions. Walmart is also set to unveil a generative AI search tool, allowing customers to input specific questions directly into the search bar, simplifying the shopping process.

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As per the company’s statement, the search tool possesses the ability to grasp contextual subtleties and generate a customized roster of items linked to the inquiry. To illustrate, if a customer is organizing a birthday celebration with a unicorn theme, the tool will present an all-encompassing array of associated products like balloons, paper napkins, and streamers. 

This eliminates the necessity for multiple distinct searches, ultimately conserving valuable time. Walmart’s AI innovations encompass more than just the shopping assistant and generative AI search. The company is actively working on an interior design assistant that combines generative AI with augmented reality (AR) technology.

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According to the announcement, customers can upload a photo of a room they want to redesign, allowing the AI to capture images of all the items within the space. Using this data, customers can seek guidance from the chat assistant regarding redecoration options. The AI will suggest item placements within the room, allowing users to express their preferences and adhere to their budget constraints.

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Walmart Launches AI App For Corporate Employees

This tool aims to transform the interior design process into a more interactive and personalized experience for people worldwide. It’s important to note that Walmart has not specified which AI models it plans to utilize for the development of these three upcoming AI features. 

However, the company has disclosed that it is leveraging various external models in the development process, with the possibility of these models evolving over time. The introduction of these forthcoming AI tools follows Walmart’s initial encounter with generative AI a few months ago. Back in August, Walmart unveiled a specialized AI tool designed to cater to the requirements of approximately 50,000 corporate employees. 

This tool was integrated into the newly launched Me@Campus super app, providing employees with a comprehensive platform for managing various aspects of their work at Walmart. During that period, the company stated that this initiative would facilitate the simplification of tasks such as summarizing documents, preparing for meetings, and expediting project workflows, receiving favorable feedback from users.

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