WhatsApp Rolling Out Passkey Support on Android

WhatsApp Rolling Out Passkey Support on Android – WhatsApp is gearing up to introduce passkey functionality for all Android users, enabling them to verify their identity on the app through facial recognition, fingerprint, or a personal PIN. As the secure messaging app noted on X, passkey support means “only your face, finger print, or pin unlocks your WhatsApp account.”

“Passkeys are a new way to log back into your account. Instead of using a one-time passcode, you’ll be able to log into WhatsApp the same way you unlock your phone—using fingerprint, face ID, or pincode,” WhatsApp Head Will Cathcart added on Threads. Cathcart mentioned that you can configure it either during the registration process or through the Settings. 

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However, WhatsApp has stated that passkey support will be gradually introduced to Android users in the coming weeks or months, with no mention of an iOS release. As explained, passkeys consist of a pair of cryptographic keys generated by your device, including a public key and a private key. These keys work together to form a passkey, which serves as the key to access your account. Importantly, your private key remains exclusively on your device. 

With passkeys, you’re no longer required to input your email address or password into various online login fields, enhancing security by making it more challenging for malicious actors to pilfer your login credentials and gain access to your accounts. In the previous week, Google announced its intention to encourage users to make this login method their primary choice for signing in. Additionally, Apple offers support for this method, and apps such as TikTok also implement it.


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