WordPress Now Offers a 100-Year Plan For Domains

WordPress Now Offers a 100-Year Plan For Domains – If the longevity of your website concerns you, WordPress offers a solution: the 100-Year Plan. While domain registrations usually last for up to ten years, this unique plan from WordPress covers both domain registration and hosting for an entire century, ensuring that your website will likely outlast even your own lifetime.

Although it can certainly serve as a platform for hosting photos of your Beanie Baby collection, the primary concept behind this service is to provide a means for both businesses and families to preserve content that goes beyond a single generation. Some suggested use cases suggested by the company for the service include “families who wish to preserve their digital assets — stories, photos, sounds, and videos for generations to come.”

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As well as “founders who want to protect and document their company’s past, present, and future.” Under this plan, customers will receive not just a 100-year domain registration, but also WordPress hosting with unlimited bandwidth and round-the-clock personalized assistance. WordPress ensures content safety by maintaining various backups in dispersed data centers and automatically submitting public content to the Internet Archive. 

Moreover, the service incorporates ownership procedures allowing URL transfer to a child or new individual, which will likely be necessary at some point. As one would expect, the plan comes with a significant price tag. The 100-Year plans are priced at $38,000, translating the annual fee to $380. While this expense might be justifiable for sizable corporations aiming to safeguard their heritage, it could potentially render the service unaffordable for numerous families and individuals.


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