Ed Sheeran Says He’d ‘Love to Transition’ to Making Country Music

Ed Sheeran Says He’d ‘Love to Transition’ to Making Country Music – During a recent interview, the British singer-songwriter, who is scheduled to perform at the ACM Awards on Thursday night, discussed his unexpected fondness for country music and shared that he has contemplated exploring the genre. “I talk about this to my wife all the time. I would love to transition into country,” Sheeran, 32, told Billboard. “I love the culture of it, I just love the songwriting. It’s just like, brilliant songs.”

The “Eyes Closed” singer told the Academy of Country Music Awards in a backstage chat during rehearsals that he’ll perform “Life Goes On” at Thursday night’s show, a track off his newest album – (pronounced Subtract). “It’s just a song about dealing with loss, basically,” he explained. Sheeran went on to say that he’s “a massive fan” of country, and that he and wife Cherry Seaborn play it in their home “all day long.”

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“I’ve lived in Nashville all of 2013 and all of 2018,” he said. “It really left a lasting mark on me. I love country music and I feel accepted here. It’s great.” The four-time Grammy winner also revealed his connections to ACMs hosts Dolly Parton and Garth Brooks, explaining that he and his dad John got to meet Parton at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in November, which he called “a really cool moment.”

Sheeran also explained that Brooks’ country classics are often covered by other artists in England, so he’d “sort of inadvertently grown up listening to it.” On Tuesday, it was revealed that the celebrity will be performing at the ACMs, joining renowned artists such as Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, and Lainey Wilson in Frisco, Texas. Having just released his sixth album, Subtract, the artist’s work predominantly centers on his mourning for his best friend Jamal Edwards, who passed away, and the apprehension that came with Seaborn’s cancer diagnosis in February of 2022.

Just one day before the album’s release, Sheeran also celebrated a win in court, where he was found not liable in a copyright lawsuit that accused him of copying Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” in his 2014 single “Thinking Out Loud.” “I feel like the truth was heard and the truth was believed,” Sheeran told a news outlet after the trial. “It’s nice that we can both move on with our lives now – it’s sad that it had to come to this.”


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