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Former Tiktok Gaming Boss Launches Metao, a Blockchain Agnostic Gaming Company

Former Tiktok Gaming Boss Launches Metao, a Blockchain Agnostic Gaming Company – Blockchain is increasingly playing a significant role in various businesses that are attempting to combine cryptocurrency with gaming. One of the biggest video-based social networks’ former gaming head, Jason Fung, is apparently creating a blockchain-based gaming business. The startup, Metao, will concentrate on providing a platform for other businesses to develop blockchain-based games, similar to how companies like Unity license their technology to other businesses.

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Developers’ efforts would be made simpler if they could concentrate only on the content and ignore the difficulties involved in integrating these techniques individually. The approach that Metao is attempting to take is intended to improve compatibility and prevent the segregation that many entrepreneurs experience when attempting to integrate their games into a single chain connected to a token ecosystem.

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Regarding this, Fung said:

“Currently, any developer who wants to incorporate NFTs or blockchain into their games must select just one blockchain, be it Polygon, Solana, or Binance Smart Chain. But imagine an option that is more compatible.”

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With the benefit of letting each user store their tokens and items in their preferred blockchains, the company, which only has eight employees, including Fung and an unnamed co-founder, has developed a technologies that allow developers to publish their games using any of the available blockchains.

Fung clarified this by saying:

“We’ve created a protocol for game developers, and we approach their game production in a flexible, blockchain-independent way. We’re working on a system that will make it simple for game developers to utilize the advantages of various blockchains while giving users the ability to move NFTs across chains.”

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Several gaming firms have embraced Web3 and blockchain technology, but none of the major players in the market have created a large-scale IP game based on them. However, organizations like Ubisoft and Square Enix have discussed the value of blockchains and NFTs for the future of the sector and have even incorporated this technology into their financial future plans.

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