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Idaho Warns of Crypto Scams Promising 80% Returns Every 24 Hours

Idaho Warns of Crypto Scams Promising 80% Returns Every 24 Hours – The financial department of Idaho, in the United States, has issued a warning to investors about a series of cryptocurrency scams that promise returns of up to 80% every 24 hours with no danger to investors.

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“A series of fraudulent cryptocurrency scams detected recently targeting Idaho investors,” the Idaho Department of Finance said on Wednesday. The regulator went into detail, noting:

“The businesses promise to be able to make large returns while providing no risk to the investor.”

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Shield Investors Ltd., Crypto FX Direct, Quartz FX Trade, and Finvest Trading are the names and websites of the fraudulent scams. Some of the schemes’ websites are already down at the time of writing.

The regulator went on to say:

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“These websites make absurd, obviously misleading statements and claim such guaranteed returns on investment of up to 65% to 80% within 24 hours.”

Investors must purchase an investment plan utilizing cryptocurrencies to begin investing with these companies, according to the finance department. Finvest Trading, for example, charges between $500 and $100,000 to get started trading.

“They propose beneficial investments with any plan,” the regulator explained, adding that the companies’ investment advisors supply clients with “fake credentials.”

Investment advisors contacted investors at the end of the agreed-upon trading period to inform them that they had made significant returns on their money.

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They did, however, have to pay a charge in order to collect their investment returns. Before receiving compensation, investors were informed of additional costs and penalties.

These entities are not registered to offer securities in Idaho nor have they submitted a business registration with the Idaho Secretary of State, according to the regulator.

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