Jimmie Allen Hit with Second Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Jimmie Allen Hit with Second Sexual Assault Lawsuit – Jimmie Allen, a renowned country star, is facing his second sexual assault lawsuit within a month, as his most recent accuser alleges that he recorded their sexual encounter without her consent. On Friday, an unidentified woman lodged a lawsuit in Tennessee federal court, which was obtained by a news outlet. 

The lawsuit alleges that Jimmie Allen, aged 37, violated the woman’s privacy by secretly recording her and persisted in engaging in sexual activities with her despite her explicit withdrawal of consent. On May 11, Jimmie Allen, the singer of the song “Down Home,” faced another lawsuit, this time from his former manager, accusing him of assault and sexual abuse. Allen has denied these allegations. 

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Coincidentally, this legal action took place just weeks after both Allen and his pregnant wife, Alexis, filed for divorce following nearly three years of marriage. In the recent lawsuit, the woman referred to as Jane Doe 2 claims that she had no prior knowledge of Allen when he approached her randomly on a flight to Nashville in May 2022. They struck up a conversation, and later, Allen’s bodyguard located her at the airport and asked for her phone number. 

According to the lawsuit, that same night in Nashville, she and her friends met up with the musician for a delightful outing in the city. Following their initial encounter, they established a daily pattern of communication through text messages and FaceTime. The woman asserts that Jimmie Allen consistently conveyed to her that he and Alexis had separated, creating the impression that their relationship was no longer intact.

“Over time, Allen expressed his love for her and told her he could see a future together,” the lawsuit says. “He told her he wanted to have children together and that he could see she would make a good stepmother for his children. Plaintiff inquired on several occasions about Allen’s wife, but Allen assured her that he and his wife were separated.” Two months after their initial meeting, Jane Doe 2 and Allen arranged a rendezvous in Las Vegas. 

During their meeting, Jane Doe 2 claims that she felt at ease and secure in Allen’s hotel room due to her belief that she would also have a separate room for herself. Additionally, the presence of Allen’s bodyguard staying in the adjacent room further contributed to her feeling of comfort and safety. While the suit says the woman “willingly joined Allen in the bedroom,” she alleges that he never asked for her consent to film and never told her he was filming.

According to the suit, Jane Doe asked the Grammy-nominated singer repeatedly to stop and verbally revoked her consent, but he continued. Afterward, he fell asleep, and as she went to leave, she “panicked” upon noticing his phone in the closet. “As she walked past the closet in the bedroom, she was surprised when the interior light came on inside the closet,” the suit alleges. “She opened the closet door and found a cell phone focused on the bed, recording the scene.”

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She allegedly grabbed the phone on her way out and deleted the video, then called a friend in tears and told her about the assault, the suit says. It was that friend who contacted attorney Elizabeth Fegan after Fegan helped the first Jane Doe file her own suit against Allen. Fegan told Variety, who first reported the news, that detectives have contacted her client, and that she is waiting for the police department to fulfill her records request regarding the investigation.

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