Lindsay Lohan Talks Her Return to Acting, Life as a Newlywed and Her Views on Social Media

Lindsay Lohan Talks Her Return to Acting, Life as a Newlywed and Her Views on Social Media – Lindsay Lohan is ready to return to the big screen in the upcoming Netflix holiday romantic comedy – Falling for Christmas, and to commemorate her return, the 36-year-old actress is posing for a magazine cover, which is unusual for her these days. In the Cosmopolitan magazine cover story, Lohan discusses her life in Dubai with her new husband, Bader Shammas, and her plans to return to the spotlight.

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Telling the magazine she’s feeling “really good,” Lohan says, “I’m really excited. It’s fun to be back in New York and doing shoots. And I love this part of the process. After you’ve filmed, this is the fun part. So I feel really great and just really excited and happy.” After years out of the public eye, Lohan admits she’s “excited to kind of come back,” saying she’s looking forward to showing off her physical comedy, noting she “missed” doing that in the past.

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Lohan also discusses social media and why she believes new stars have it easier than she did when she was a rising star. “When I first started out in the business, none of us had a say in how to control our own narrative. There were paparazzi pictures, and then people ran with it,” she explains. “So I think it’s really good that in this day and age, people can say who they are and who they want to be.”

“And I admire and appreciate that. I’m a little jealous because I didn’t have that. But I think it moves really fast and I just try to keep up as best I can. And I check everything before I post it. I’ll send it to people. Because you have to.” By her side for this comeback is her support system, including Shammas, whom she tied the knot with this past summer. “I have an amazing husband, who’s a very calm person. Just the best,” she shares.

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“And my family. And I feel like I have a small group of good friends who are just really good people. That’s the only support that I really need: friends, family, and loved ones.” When she’s not promoting her new projects, Lohan is living a more laidback lifestyle in Dubai. “I cook a lot,” she shares. “I cook a lot of Italian. I do a lot of pastas. I do a lot of an Arabic dish called machboos. It’s chicken with rice and vegetables. I do a really good borscht soup. I also go to bed really early. 9:30.”

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As for who she gets star struck around, that would be veteran actor Al Pacino. “I actually have asked him for a lot of advice for a lot of things, especially work-wise and just life-wise, just because he’s a great person to talk to,” she says of the 82-year-old actor. “He always says, ‘Focus on your craft when it comes to your work.’ And I think that’s really important. Don’t let other outside things blur your vision.”

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