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Meta Releases New Metaverse Promo Amid Rising Criticism of its Future Vision

Meta Releases New Metaverse Promo Amid Rising Criticism of its Future Vision – Despite the billions that Meta is investing in it, the metaverse may appear a little unfinished right now, but according to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, it will progress beyond basic representations and dead-eyed, legless avatars in the near future.

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In order to emphasize how the metaverse is expected to transform how people connect, Meta has unveiled a new promo campaign. As you can see, the new campaign centers on the East African cycling group Team Amani, which uses Meta’s family of apps to stay in touch despite their fluctuating training schedules. 

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However, in the hypothetical metaverse, Meta’s technologies would create entirely new connective and participative possibilities as well as completely new types of competition, allowing anybody to participate from anywhere and in fully immersive digital environments.

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Which is undeniably fascinating, and there would seem to be a lot of opportunity in this new (virtual) reality. But since it’s still a long way off from becoming a reality, Meta is faced with the difficult task of maintaining its enthusiasm for this distant vision while also admitting to the public that it has no idea when any of it will ever be realized.

Because there are serious technological and practical constraints at play here that will necessitate major advancement. Considering VR alone, which is the current entry point to Meta’s metaverse strategy. These athletes are utilizing what appears to be Meta’s upcoming “Cambria” VR headset, which will incorporate cutting-edge components to boost VR engagement.

The Cambria headset is expected to go on sale this year for about $800, though more recent estimates have it costing closer to $1,000 because of growing supplier and component costs. That would put it out of most people’s financial range, and without any compelling reasons to shell out the cash, including such must-have VR experiences or games outside of Meta’s metaverse, which is already not looking fantastic, it doesn’t seem like Cambria will be a big seller.

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Because Meta is pouring billions into the creation of the metaverse and must continue to do so in order for it to materialize. Meta is drip-feeding these future glances in the hopes that it will help it maintain goodwill as it continues to spend, as shareholders will eventually want to know where that money is going.

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