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Moonbirds NFT Sales Skyrocket Capturing $364 Million in 5 Days

Moonbirds NFT Sales Skyrocket Capturing $364 Million in 5 Days – Moonbirds, a non-fungible token collection, has sparked a lot of discussion among the NFT community because of its massive sales. The Moonbirds NFT project began selling on April 16, and sales have totaled $364.83 million since then, according to statistics.

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Moonbirds, a new NFT collection, has eclipsed the sales of the Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), and Cryptopunks collections this week. Traders have only been trading the 10,000 Moonbirds NFTs for five days, yet they have already generated $364.83 million in sales volume.

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Moonbirds is currently the most popular NFT collection this week, outselling dozens of other collections. In reality, Moonbirds sales account for almost 37 percent of all sales.

Proof Collective, a group of well-known NFT collectors, has endorsed Moonbirds, making it a popular collection. Among the group’s members are investor Gary Vaynerchuk a well-known NFT artist.

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Proof Collective describes itself as a “exclusive members-only collective of 1,000 devoted NFT collectors and artists,” according to its website.

The membership fee for Proof Collective has a floor price of roughly 108 ethereum (ETH). Kevin Rose, Justin Mezell, and Ryan Carson created Proof Collective, which accounted for $963.8 million in total NFT sales in the previous week.

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Following the completion of the Moonbirds public mint, the NFT collection has seen a huge increase in sales, with the NFT collection having the highest sales volume on Opensea this week. In the last five days, Moonbirds has seen 11,170 buyers out of 14,723 transactions.

Moonbirds aren’t cheap; three of them made the top five most expensive NFT sales this week. Moonbird #2819 sold for 182.44 ether or $562K around 18 hours ago, according to cryptoslam.io statistics.

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