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Russian TV Worker who Protested war Live On-Air Briefly Detained

Russian TV Worker who Protested war Live On-Air Briefly Detained – Marina Ovsyannikova, a Russian media worker who staged a protest against the invasion of Ukraine on live state television in March, was briefly detained in Moscow on Sunday, according to a post on her social media accounts. Marina was seen being led by two police officers toward a white vehicle in a post on her Telegram channel that read, “Marina has been detained.”

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Ovsyannikova shortly after that shared pictures of herself with two dogs on her Facebook page. “Went for a walk with the dogs, just stepped outside the gate, people in uniform approached me,” she wrote. “Now I’m sitting in Krasnoselsky ministry of internal affairs,” referring to a police station in a Moscow district.

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However, Ovsyannikova reported that she had been released three hours later.  “I’m home. Everything is okay,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “But now I know it’s always best to bring a suitcase and passport if you go out.” Ovsyannikova gained fame in March after bursting into a studio of Russian state TV, her then employer, to denounce the Ukraine war during a live news bulletin. She was fined after being found guilty of flouting protest laws.

Following social media posts from July 15 in which she is seen holding a sign calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a murderer and his soldiers fascists, she was briefly detained on Sunday. The poster read, “How many more children must die before you will stop?”

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In April, the German news organization Welt hired Ovsyannikova as a correspondent. She said on Facebook earlier this month that she had to go back to Russia because she needed to defend her parental rights in court against her husband.

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