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Spanish Crypto Exchange Bit2me to Rescue 2gether Customers After Account Block

Spanish Crypto Exchange Bit2me to Rescue 2gether Customers After Account Block – Bit2me, a Spanish cryptocurrency exchange, declared last week that it would take on users whose accounts had been blocked by 2gether, another Spanish exchange. Customers would be able to transfer their funds and accounts to the company’s platform so they could continue trading.

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Bit2me would return the €20 ($20.00) cost that 2gether informed customers they had to pay in order to continue using its platform, according to information provided in a blog post. The goal would be to keep these users active in the crypto community. 

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Bit2me’s co-founder and CEO, Leif Ferreira, stated:

“The keys to introducing this sector to the entire society are training, knowledge, and innovation. We are committed to our beliefs at Bit2Me. Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry are crucial to us today and in the future. We want to be next to 2gether users that want to stay connected to the cryptocurrency ecosystem because of this.”

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When the exchange stopped customers’ access and removed its presence from social media, affecting 100,000 users, 2gether told its customers about the issues it had been having at the beginning of the month. Due to the current financial slump, the company informed its consumers that it would no longer be able to provide free accounts.

Additionally at that time, in order for users to continue using platform services, the company charged them a one-time fee of €20. Customers with balances below that amount, however, would have their accounts liquidated. While Bit2me has continued to run normally and even expanded its operations to Latam, 2gether reported being affected by the market situation.

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In order to address the market of more than 20 million customers who hold cryptocurrency in the country, Bit2me announced the opening of a new office there in May. Compliance and security were the company’s primary objectives. In the same sense, in February the business became the first to be granted authorization by the Central Bank of Spain to function as a regulated virtual asset service provider (VASP).

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