Tony Hawk Partners With the Sandbox to Open a Skate Park in the Metaverse

Tony Hawk Partners With the Sandbox to Open a Skate Park in the Metaverse – Athletes are taking their activities into the metaverse so that their fans can enjoy them and interact with them there. One of the most well-known skateboarders in the world, Tony Hawk, has declared he will create a virtual skatepark in the metaverse. To build a park where players may freely use their NFTs and skateboards, the venue will be built in collaboration with The Sandbox, an ethereum-based metaverse experience.

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The skateboarder will also work with Autograph, a well-known NFT company co-founded by Tom Brady, to create NFTs based on his most memorable performances and apparel, which fans will be able to use in the metaverse of The Sandbox. The artist has released other NTF collections in the past, some of which were even accompanied by physical skateboards, so this will not be his first foray into the NFT trend.

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About his next move, Hawk stated:

“I have been a fan of new technology all of my life, from the first videogames and home computers with CGI capabilities and so, I am fascinated by the metaverse, and excited to bring our culture into the virtual landscape of The Sandbox.”

The skateboarder was one of the first supporters of cryptocurrencies, buying bitcoin in 2012 after learning about it on the now-defunct Silkroad marketplace.

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Celebrities and brands are using The Sandbox, a metaverse platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, as a hub to explore the metaverse by releasing experiences and virtual versions of their products. Snoop Dogg, Adidas, The Walking Dead, Jamiroquai, Playboy, and other celebrities have all partnered with the game. The Sandbox’s metaverse now has IPs from companies like Ubisoft and Square Enix, including the Rabbids and Dungeon Siege.

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According to reports, the company is reportedly considering a new investment round that would add $400 million at a $4 billion valuation. Since the reports, this has not happened, though. The Sandbox last received a capital infusion in November when it raised $93 million in its series B funding round.

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