Twitter to let Publishers Charge Users per Article Read

Twitter to let Publishers Charge Users per Article Read – On Saturday, Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, announced that the social media platform will introduce a new feature in May that will allow media publishers to charge users on a per-article basis with a single click. This feature will benefit both the public and media organizations, according to Musk. 

Users who do not wish to sign up for a monthly subscription will be able to pay a higher per-article price to read individual articles on an occasional basis. Musk announced on Friday that after the first year, Twitter will receive a 10% commission on content subscriptions, with no commission being charged for the first 12 months. These subscriptions will include both long-form text and hours-long video. 

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After assuming control of the social media company in October, Musk has implemented various modifications in an attempt to increase Twitter’s revenue. The social media platform experienced a decline in advertising revenue last year leading up to Musk’s on-again-off-again acquisition, which has since concluded. Since Musk took charge of Twitter, the company has downsized its workforce from 7,500 to roughly 1,500 employees. 

As a result, concerns have been raised about the platform’s ability to maintain its moderation standards and comply with forthcoming European regulations. Twitter has received multiple warnings that it may not be adequately prepared for the new regulatory regime that will oversee digital platforms in the European Union. Non-compliance could result in fines of up to 6% of global turnover and, in severe cases, temporary suspension of the service. 

As per the regulations for large platforms, they are required to conduct yearly risk assessments that identify potential hazards related to harmful content, such as disinformation, misogyny, harms to children, and election manipulation. The European Union will also scrutinize the moderation systems and measures that are implemented by these platforms to mitigate such risks. 

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Moreover, platforms will be prohibited from developing profiles of child users to target them with ads. For platforms accessible to minors, measures must be taken to protect their privacy and ensure their safety. Additionally, users should have the facility to report illegal content without difficulty.

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