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Ukraine’s Cyberpolice Force Starts Accepting Cryptocurrency Donations

Ukraine’s Cyberpolice Force Starts Accepting Cryptocurrency Donations – Ukraine’s Cyberpolice force has chosen to seek assistance from the crypto community in the country and abroad, as the country’s reliance on crypto donations grows.

The unit now accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies in order to assist law enforcement authorities and obtain necessary supplies.

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During the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, the National Police of Ukraine’s Cyberpolice department has joined the government in Kyiv and Ukrainian NGOs in attempting to gather money using bitcoin. The unit has recently made a plea for “charitable assistance” in the form of digital currency on its website.

The law enforcement agency has made many crypto addresses public and is currently receiving bitcoin (BTC), tether (USDT), ether (ETH), polygon (MATIC), tron (TRX), and BNB donations. It claims to have started the project in response to the introduction of martial law in Ukraine.

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The money raised will go to the National Police, State Border Guard Service, National Guard, and State Emergency Service. The digital money will also be used to buy medicine and other necessities, as well as to offer medical care to victims of Russia’s attacks.

“Also, individuals who want to help Ukraine during this difficult time can connect all or part of their mining equipment to these ethereum and bitcoin wallets,” the department adds in the notice.

Ukraine’s law enforcement agency in charge of countering cybercrime is the Cyberpolice force. Although it has conducted operations against illegal crypto activities in the past, it has urged for the legalization of cryptocurrencies in 2018, despite having certain reservations about them.

When Russia launched its military offensive a week ago, Ukraine was in the process of regulating its crypto space. The country’s legislature, Verkhovna Rada, passed a law “On Virtual Assets” in mid-February, which was due to take effect when the Ukrainian Tax Code was updated.

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Ukraine’s Cyberpolice Force Starts Accepting Cryptocurrency Donations – Since the Russian invasion, Kyiv authorities has requested financial assistance from a variety of sources. The government has already received millions in bitcoin, ether, and other crypto currencies such as polkadot and dogecoin in its efforts to generate revenue through crypto donations. Donors of cryptocurrencies have also supported volunteer groups.

The cryptocurrency community around the world has backed humanitarian operations in Ukraine. Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has offered $10 million to assist the Ukrainian people and is presently facilitating third-party support through a crowdfunding drive.

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