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Assault Charge Against Nick Kyrgios Dismissed After He Admits Shoving Ex-Girlfriend

Assault Charge Against Nick Kyrgios Dismissed After He Admits Shoving Ex-Girlfriend – Nick Kyrgios has seen a remarkable outcome in court as the assault charge against him has been dismissed. Despite pleading guilty to shoving over his ex-girlfriend in 2021, a bid to dismiss the charge on the grounds of mental health was not accepted. The tennis star appeared in the ACT Magistrates Court on Friday, where the decision was made.

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Magistrate Beth Campbell made a ruling in favor of Nick Kyrgios, dismissing the charge against him and recognizing the situation as a low-level matter. It was acknowledged that Kyrgios was not likely to repeat the offense. The incident in question took place on January 10th, 2021, when Kyrgios and his then-girlfriend Chiara Passari had an argument outside her apartment in Kingston, Canberra, resulting in Kyrgios pushing her over.

The court heard that when Passari stood in the door of an Uber vehicle, preventing Nick Kyrgios from leaving, he became frustrated and pushed her over. Passari fell to the ground and Kyrgios stood over her, looking at her in a serious manner. As a result of the incident, Passari reported experiencing pain in her shoulder and also had some grazing on her knee. 

Kyrgios told Passari to leave the vehicle while Passari asked him to exit the car and to calm down. Despite the occurrence of the incident, Passari did not report it to authorities until 10 months later, after she and Kyrgios had split following a brief reconciliation. The charge of common assault carries a maximum penalty of two years in jail.


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