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Bitcoin Cash to Include Bigger Integers and Native Introspection in Upcoming Upgrade

Bitcoin Cash to Include Bigger Integers and Native Introspection in Upcoming Upgrade – In its future upgrade, Bitcoin Cash plans to bring two key improvements. T

he Bitcoin Cash Improvement Proposals (CHIPs) that have been authorized to be included are CHIP-2021-03, which adds larger script integers to the chain, and CHIP-2021-02, which deals with the activation of native introspection opcodes, which will make writing covenant smart contracts easier.

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The new one-year Bitcoin Cash improvement schedule, which replaces the old six-month cycle used during last year’s upgrade, is on the horizon.

The proposed enhancements to the Bitcoin Cash network were selected this time utilizing CHIPs, or Bitcoin Cash Improvement Proposals, which allow for public discussion of the proposed upgrades. This new MO was also approved during the upgrade last year.

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This year’s enhancements are aimed at improving efficiency and making it easier for programmers to write covenants, which are smart contracts that specify how funds can be utilized in a transaction.

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The two CHIPS included in this upgrade are designed to make covenants more precise and helpful while also extending their utility.

CHIP-2021-03, which introduces larger script integers to the chain, is the first CHIP to be implemented in BCH’s upgrade. Larger, 64-bit integers will be enabled, according to the standard, and these integers will indeed be able to be multiplied directly in code.

This will improve the functioning of these contracts by allowing programmers to extract more value without the need for workarounds, as well as lowering redundancy and transaction sizes.

CHIP-2021-02, which provides native introspection opcodes, would also allow programmers to use data from the same transaction to include in any covenant. This means that programmers would be able to use new opcodes to queue information from transactions.

Because of the new functions given by the opcodes, the implementation of this CHIP intends to minimize the complexity of the code in covenants and allow new use cases to emerge. 

Jonathan Silverblood, a developer who was engaged in the proposal of the two CHIPs to be incorporated, said about the upgrade:

“Anyone who wished to build smart contracts before this upgrade couldn’t multiply two numbers in code. They needed to know how to use transaction signature mechanics to figure out who is getting paid and how much. After that, we had a firm foundation on which to build.”

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Users using Bitcoin Cash will not need to make any modifications in order to benefit from this upgrade. To avoid service outages, node operators must upgrade to the newest version of their node software.

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