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Blockchain.com Plans to Provide an NFT Domain Name to 83 Million Wallet Users

Blockchain.com Plans to Provide an NFT Domain Name to 83 Million Wallet Users – For quite some time, Blockchain.com has been a pioneer in the crypto space, having launched the first Bitcoin (BTC) block explorer in 2011. The company announced this week that it has partnered with Unstoppable Domains, a Web3 digital identity company. The firm is a Web3 identification agency and a domain name provider with 2.4 million registered usernames.

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The two companies announced the launch of Unstoppable Domains’ first-ever branded top-level domain, which will be called .blockchain. All 83 million Blockchain.com wallet users will be able to create a free .blockchain domain name in the coming weeks, according to Blockchain.com.

A .blockchain domain name can be used instead of a long alphanumeric crypto wallet address, and funds can be transmitted to a human-readable name such as “Clara.blockchain.”

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Users can transact with decentralized applications (dapps), marketplaces, metaverse apps, and social networking platforms using .blockchain names as Web3 identifiers.

The new .blockchain feature, according to Lane Kasselman, chief business officer at Blockchain.com, will make it easier for millions of customers to use the company’s non-custodial wallet.

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“Our users can not only transmit and receive crypto as easily as they send email with a .blockchain domain, but they can also own their identity in Web3,” Kasselman said during the announcement. “Our collaboration with Unstoppable Domains marks the first bespoke top-level domain (TLD) and provides us with a unique way to share the .blockchain name with the millions of Blockchain.com Wallet users.”

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Blockchain.com Plans to Provide an NFT Domain Name to 83 Million Wallet Users – Unstoppable Domains also announced on Friday that .blockchain domains will be accessible through the company’s web site. Once a person has claimed an NFT domain name, the user owns it forever. To mint the NFT domain names, the firm utilizes the Polygon blockchain, and there are no minting or renewal fees associated with the name.

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