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Ex-NBA Player Kent Bazemore’s Wife Files for Divorce After 5 Years of Marriage

Ex-NBA Player Kent Bazemore’s Wife Files for Divorce After 5 Years of Marriage – It was exclusively disclosed that Samantha Serpe, the wife of former NBA player Kent Bazemore, has officially initiated divorce proceedings. In January, Serpe filed a request to terminate her five-year marriage to the Los Angeles Lakers athlete. The documents obtained indicate that she cited the relationship as “irretrievably broken” and expressed no hope for reconciliation.

According to Serpe’s filing, the date of separation between the estranged couple was recorded as November 23, 2022. They have two children together, a 4-year-old son named Jett and a 2-year-old daughter named Nixon. Serpe has sought joint legal custody of their children with Kent Bazemore, the former Atlanta Hawks guard, while requesting primary physical custody herself, granting Bazemore visitation rights. In his response, filed in March, Bazemore asked the court to determine primary physical custody.

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Before their marriage in November 2017, Serpe and Bazemore signed a prenuptial agreement, which they both wish for the court to honor. Additionally, the basketball player is seeking an award of legal fees but has agreed to provide child support. Although the divorce proceedings between the former couple initially followed the standard paperwork, it has become evident that their split is characterized by hostility and conflict. As a result, they have been directed by the court to participate in mediation. 

This indicates that there are significant unresolved issues and disagreements that require the assistance of a neutral third party to facilitate communication and potentially find mutually agreeable solutions. The decision to involve a mediator suggests that the divorce process may be more contentious and challenging than anticipated, emphasizing the need for professional intervention to navigate the complexities and reach a resolution.


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