Mick Jagger’s Daughter Jade Arrested for Assaulting Police Officers

Mick Jagger’s Daughter Jade Arrested for Assaulting Police Officers – According to a local Spanish outlet, the daughter of rock star Mick Jagger, aged 51, was taken into custody on Wednesday following allegations that she displayed intense aggression and violence towards officers who were attempting to intervene in a reported incident at a restaurant. The outlet also reported that both Jade and her companion were believed to be intoxicated or under the influence of some form of substance.

In addition to engaging in a confrontation with law enforcement, the British jewelry designer and her friend were involved in a disagreement with the staff at the restaurant, with the friend reportedly engaging in verbal outbursts, threats, and insults, as stated in the report. Upon the arrival of the authorities, the male companion of Jade allegedly aggressively attacked the police officers, including a female officer whom he allegedly physically assaulted by pushing and scratching her across her body.

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Meanwhile, Jade was reportedly overheard shouting derogatory remarks towards the police, such as “stupid police,” as mentioned in the report. The current status of her custody is uncertain, but according to the Spanish outlet, she is anticipated to face legal proceedings at some point on Thursday. Following their arrival at the police station, the friend of the former model was reportedly transported to the hospital due to extreme distress and anxiety caused by the substances he is alleged to have consumed.

As per the outlet, the man was similarly confrontational towards the hospital personnel. Although his identity was not revealed, Jade was recently observed with a speculated new partner, believed to be named Anthony Hinkson, a few weeks ago. The socialite and her rumored beau were witnessed strolling through the streets of London, holding hands, after exiting a lingerie store in April. Previously, Jade had been married to DJ Adrian Fillary, but their nine-year marriage ended in 2021. In March, she took to Instagram to announce her decision to step away from her jewelry business.


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