Mike Pence Enters 2024 Presidential Race

Mike Pence Enters 2024 Presidential Race – Former Vice President Mike Pence submitted official documentation to the Federal Election Commission on Monday, officially announcing his candidacy for the presidency in 2024. On Wednesday, he intends to hold a campaign launch event, which was initially poorly communicated through a media advisory that initially omitted the date. 

The launch will coincide with Pence’s 64th birthday and his scheduled town hall on CNN. With his entry into the race, Pence seeks to win the Republican nomination in a crowded field that already includes better-performing candidates, including his former boss Donald Trump. Pence has been dropping hints about his potential presidential bid, which poses the unanswered question of whether he can leverage the increasing discord within the Republican Party to outperform Trump in opinion polls.

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Through interviews, public appearances, and a memoir addressing his role in handling the Capitol riots on January 6, Pence has made efforts to create distance between himself and Trump. He has placed blame on the former president for some of the chaotic events that occurred during their time in the administration. As Trump carries his legal and political burdens into his 2024 campaign, Pence has positioned himself as a composed and reasonable alternative for voters who hold steadfast conservative principles.

To witness a genuine face-off between Pence and Trump, the former vice president must swiftly generate enthusiasm among those skeptical of Trump. Currently, these individuals are more captivated by candidates such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. In the 2016 presidential campaign, Pence fulfilled the role of the governor of Indiana, serving in that position for a duration of four years. 

He resigned from the governorship shortly before being inaugurated as vice president in 2017. Prior to entering state politics, Pence was a longtime member of the U.S. House. He’d run unsuccessfully for Congress in 1988 and 1990, ultimately getting elected in 2000. Throughout the ’90s, he hosted a syndicated radio talk show in Indiana called The Mike Pence Show, referring to himself as “Rush Limbaugh on decaf.”


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