NBA Launches Initiative Dedicated to Web3, Metaverse, and NFT Collectibles

NBA Launches Initiative Dedicated to Web3, Metaverse, and NFT Collectibles – The National Basketball Association announced last week the launch of “NBAxNFT,” its own non-fungible token initiative. The purpose is to exhibit “everything connecting basketball and Web3, encompassing NFTs, gaming, and the metaverse,” according to the professional basketball league.

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As a follow-up to the renowned NBA Top Shot collection as well as the imminent Golden State Warriors 2022 Playoff responsive NFT collection, the NBA has formed NBAxNFT, this now includes a Discord channel and a Twitter account.

NBAxNFT is billed as the “official Web3 home of the NBA,” and it intends to merge everything basketball with NFTs, metaverse, Web3, and gaming concepts.

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The initiative’s official Twitter account states: “Thanks to all who have followed.” “If you’re new here, we’re excited to use this section to talk about all things NBA basketball and Web3 with you.” I’m looking forward to working with our partners and the community, such as NBA Top Shot.”

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The NBA Top Shot NFT collection by Dapper Labs is now the sixth most popular NFT collection of all time. NBA Top Shot has sold 16,006,548 copies since its release on the NFT, totaling $885.6 million.

The NBA’s 2022 Playoff NFTs will be disclosed soon, according to the NBA’s recently formed Discord channel, which currently has over 35,000 members.

When the NBAxNFT Twitter account first announced the Web3 program, it said, “We’re highlighting all things connecting basketball and web3, including gaming, NFTs, as well as the metaverse.”

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The Golden State Warriors of the NBA just announced the availability of a 2022 Playoff responsive NFT collection. Despite mentioning Dapper Labs in a tweet regarding collaborators, the NBA has yet to confirm if the Flow Blockchain or Dapper Labs will be involved. The NBA’s Discord channel has been bustling with talk about the upcoming Ethereum launch of the National Football League.

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