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Tony Hawk’s Latest NFTs to Come With Signed Physical Skateboards

Tony Hawk’s Latest NFTs to Come With Signed Physical Skateboards – Tony Hawk is planning a new NFT collection based on the skateboards he used in his “Last Trick” NFT collection, which was released in December. The digital collectibles collection “Last Trick” was sold on the Autograph NFT marketplace, which was founded by Tom Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl champion.

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On Saturday, Hawk revealed the latest NFT sale of the remaining trick skateboards, explaining that his Frontside Cab board was won at random by a man named Garry DeBoer.

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On Saturday, Autograph tweeted about the occasion, saying, “Congrats to Autograph collector Garry DeBoer.” You now own a piece of Tony Hawk history to cherish for the rest of your life. Tony’s remaining boards, which he utilized to retire five iconic moves, will be auctioned off starting next Tuesday.”

The next Autograph-based Tony Hawk NFT collection features five skateboards, the first of which (the Frontside Cab board) will be delivered to DeBoer on Monday.

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The signed Finger Flip skateboard, as well as the signed Gymnast Plant skateboard, will be auctioned on Tuesday at 12 p.m. (ET). On Tuesday, in addition to those two NFTs, the autographed Magic Dance skateboard and the signed Varial 540 skateboard would be sold.

The Draftkings Marketplace will handle the auction management, according to Autograph’s terms. Autographs will be required to transmit the physical skateboards by Fedex, USPS, or UPS after the Tony Hawk skateboard NFT auctions are completed, according to the terms.

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Tony Hawk’s Latest NFTs to Come With Signed Physical Skateboards – Hawk’s NFTs are popular among other well-known athletes on the Autograph platform, like Derek Jeter, Wayne Gretsky, Simone Biles, and Tom Brady. With a score of 188,640, a user named @laukialovforeve is the highest Tony Hawk NFT collector on Autograph.

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