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Top 7 Best Cultural Festivals In America

Top 7 Best Cultural Festivals In America – With 50 states and a diversity of ethnicities, cultures, and nationalities, the United States of America has a rich cultural and historical heritage, which is commemorated via several festivals and events. While many tourists visit the United States of America to admire its large cities or gorgeous parks, the country’s festivals are a large part of what makes it so great, and it is highly recommended that you attend one.

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The United States of America is one of the most well-known and frequently visited countries in the world. Whether it is UNESCO World Heritage Sites, historical structures, dance and music festivals, mouth watering food, world-renowned Hollywood films, or natural wonders, the United States offers it all. Among the several recognized festivals in the United States, we have selected from each category and compiled a list of the top festivals that should go on your bucket list.

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What Are The Top 7 Best Cultural Festivals In America?

While you are in the states, from cultural festivals, music festivals, folk festivals and art festivals, we’ve compiled a list of the top American festivals that should be on your itinerary:

1. Kutztown Folk Festival

The Kutztown festival, which developed in the 1950s when three local professors chose to commemorate the Pennsylvanian German population in the country, is one of the most visit-worthy festivals in the United States. It is America’s biggest festival. Today, it is over 60 years old and attracts hundreds of thousands of people annually. 

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As you enter the festival grounds and are surrounded by locals dressed in traditional attire and listening to traditional music, the cultural mood envelops you. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about Pennsylvanian German culture and participate in workshops at one of the most prestigious American folk festivals.

2. Festa Italiana

Milwaukee, Wisconsin hosts the largest Italian-American event in the United States. The event is hosted annually in the expansive Henry Maier Festival Park. The Festa Italiana boasts an abundance of Italian cuisine, live music and other forms of entertainment, and traditional crafts. Bartolotta Fireworks puts on one of the largest fireworks displays in Wisconsin at the end of the event. Not surprisingly, Milwaukee is known as the “City of Festivals.”

3. Burning Man Festival

This is one festival for which you should reserve a date on your itinerary. Although generally labeled a hippy festival, the true soul of the event lies in the community and link of the participants, who make everything at the festival from scratch together. Join in the yearly American celebrations, which consist of unusual art installations, stunning musical performances, and the great energy of the people that attend. This is one of the best American festivals to attend if you are interested in experiencing something raw and authentic, as opposed to the typical tourist attractions.

4. New Orleans Mardi Gras

There is nothing more vibrant and exciting than a Mardi Gras carnival, which is characterized by several parades and festivities held across the city. The New Orleans Mardi Gras is an event organized by the city’s social clubs, during which people dress in colorful costumes and march about the city, and enormous floats are also driven throughout the city. This is considered to be one of the best cultural festivals in the US.

5. Aloha Festival

The Aloha festival, which celebrates Hawaiian culture, is great for all types of travelers, including families with children, if you are seeking for good American cultural festival festivities. This festival, which is held on one island to preserve the Hawaiian heritage and culture, comprises street performances, music events, culinary tastings, and cultural workshops. This festival promises a memorable experience for you and your family.

6. Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival

One could not compile a list of the most notable festivals in the country without mentioning the Coachella festival, which is a massive yearly music event that attracts people from all over the world and features performances by a big number of the world’s best musicians. It is not uncommon to see Hollywood superstars strolling about the festival, just like everyday people, as they come here to enjoy the fantastic music and tasty food vendors.

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7. Afropunk Fest Brooklyn

Since its 2005 debut at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the festival has attracted a large number of music lovers and performers from across the world. The festival features movies, fashion, music, and artwork created by black artists. The Afropunk festival throws light on the black community because it was founded by black punks as a reaction to feeling like an outsider, resulting in the formation of one of the world’s most renowned art events. With origins in Brooklyn, it is now a global event that occurs in cities throughout the world.

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