Twitter Now Requires an Account to View Tweets

Twitter Now Requires an Account to View Tweets – If you attempt to view a tweet without being logged into your Twitter account, you will encounter a sign-in screen. Unfortunately, if you have no interest in having an account on the Twitter platform, you won’t have any other options. Twitter has not provided any official statement regarding this modification, and considering the platform’s decline in quality since Elon Musk’s takeover, it could potentially be a technical glitch. 

However, considering Twitter’s ongoing struggle to expand its user base, it is plausible that this change is a strategy to compel passive observers to create an account. Similar to many of the recent alterations made by Twitter, this move could have unintended consequences. If tweets are not publicly accessible, search engine algorithms might rank the platform’s content lower, resulting in fewer individuals being directed to the site from Google

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Musk — who is no longer CEO of Twitter, but still deeply involved in operations — may also be motivated by a desire to prevent AI tools from searching Twitter. Musk has previously admonished Microsoft, which dropped Twitter from its advertising platform, by saying: “They trained illegally using Twitter data. Lawsuit time.” Since assuming her position as the new CEO, Linda Yaccarino, Twitter continues to be plagued by technical glitches. 

Just recently, a significant number of users received notifications stating that they had been suspended for three days due to spam activities. The cause of this situation remains unclear. With Elon Musk in a prominent role within the company, policies can alter swiftly, and anything is conceivable, given his influence and the immense financial stakes involved.


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